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Who Are We?

JUBL, the JustUs Business League. We are women, people of color, people with disabilities, veterans & LGBTQIA. We are the people who love them and we are everyone.

What is JUBL?

A network that connects consumers to the businesses that align with their social justice and environmental values.

What is a JUBLee?

A business who turns your dollar into justice through their products and services.

Who is a JUBLer?

A consumer who wants their dollar to make a difference with every purchase.


A JUBL Terrain is your path in supporting JUST commerce.

Highlight each to learn more.

WOMEN - Businesses owned and run by women
PEOPLE OF COLOR - Businesses owned and run by people of color
People of Color
LGBTQIA - Businesses owned and run by people who identify as LGBTQIA
PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES - Businesses owned and run by people with disabilities
People with Disabilities
ENVIRONMENTAL - Businesses with one or more environmental certifications
VETERANS -Businesses owned and run by veterans
ORGANICS - Businesses who offer certified organic food, products, and services
ANIMAL WELFARE - Businesses who promote animal welfare protections and hold certifications within their industries
Animal Welfare


A JUBL Badge recognizes additional justice work.

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REHABILITATED WORKFORCE- Businesses that employ people transitioning from incarceration, drug rehabilitation, or homelessness

Rehabilitated Workforce
EAT HUMANE -Businesses that offer certified humane raised and handled food
Eat Humane
LIVING WAGE - Businesses that pay over the minimum wage for unskilled workers
Living Wage
IMMIGRANT SANCTUARY - Businesses that assist refugees and immigrants during transition of citizenship
Immigrant Sanctuary
FAIR TRADE - Businesses that offer certified fair trade products and services
Fair Trade
CHILDCARE - Businesses that offer onsite childcare for employees or employee credit toward childcare

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